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If you are a Hotshot Carrier, or you are a shipper or broker who needs a Hotshot Carrier, you have come to the right place.

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Hotshot Carriers
Our "FIND LOADS page displays the partial loads that are currently posted on The Internet Freight Terminal. These loads are generally posted for 18 wheelers but they are typically the kind of loads that you can handle.

As a visitor you can see the loads that are posted but you will need to subscribe for $14.95/month to have access to the contact information.

If you are also looking for you own customers, a premium subscription for $19.95/month will give you access to a database of manufacturing companies on our Load Solutions site who have 40 or more employees. In particular you should use this database to find companies right around your base of operations who could use your services. The more home grown business you find, the less you will need loadboards.

Please visit our Subscribe page for a a complete summary of the features for each subscription.

Take a few minutes and add a profile about your company in our Guestbook so shippers who are looking for a HotShot carrier in your area can find you. It is highly recommended that you add a picture of your truck and trailer to your entry to make it stand out to shippers who are looking to pickup a load, or loads, in or near your base of operations.
If you are trying to move a partial loads and you can use a HotShot Carrier, visit our Guestbook. It has entries from companies with HotShot Trucks, Straight Trucks, and Cargo Vans in most parts of the country and there is a good chance you will find some companies who can help you move your freight. Simply review the Guestbook entries and call the carriers located near where your shipment originates by using the search tool near the top of the page. You might also check for carriers near the destination of the shipment as they may also be able to help you. If you need hotshot carriers on a regular basis, please add your company profile to the Guestbook to let carriers know about your needs.
Basic Knowledge
If you are a hotshot operator or just thinking about becoming a hotshot operator, we invite you to review the various information provided under the "Driver Basics" tab and the "More Basics" tab on the navigation bar about subjects we think will be of interest to you. Check also the information under the "Get MC Authority" tab for information on what is required to get your authority and how we can help you to obtain it.

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